With Bkam Application, you can find the items you are looking for very quickly, just enter the item's name, barcode or use the camera to scan the item's barcode and the application will show you where you can find it and how much it will cost you.

Compare Prices

Now when you search for items, the price of the items at all the stores will be at your hand, you can quickly find the cheapest store that sells this item.

Order from favorite Stores

When you subscribe with your neighborhood's store or your favorite store, you can place an order from your home, office or any where, if the store offers ordering, and you can get the items at ease.'

Daily Updated

With the daily changes of items' prices, or whenever the store changes the prices for items, the application will be updated automatically, and you will get the latest updated prices.

Special Offers

When stores or brands issues special offers and discounts, these information will be available within the application and you can get your items with these special offers.